Don’t Let 2017 Slip Away

Don’t Let 2017 Slip Away
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January is about to end and 2017 is in full swing. How were your holidays? We were hit with a lot of snow and enough sleet, ice, and rain to make the roads the most treacherous they’ve been in years. While we tried to continue our regular weekly routine, it was tough to partake in the usual holiday festivities with such inclement weather. The chaos of holiday shopping was made worse with the wet floors and icy parking lots. How did you handle it all? Many of us lost our footing at one point or another. Whether you slipped and fell on a sidewalk or while shopping at the mall, you need to know your rights. You need a slip and fall injury lawyer in Vancouver that cares about your wellbeing first and foremost. You need Routley & Company.

We are experienced personal injury lawyers that want to help those injured in an accident and are in pain because of someone else’s negligence or hurt because the premises were unsafe. If you’re still in pain because you slipped and fell last December, don’t add to your suffering. We offer a¬†free consultation for slip and fall injuries. It’s incredibly frustrating to suffer an injury due to someone else’s negligence. Routley & Company is your Vancouver slip and fall injury lawyer. Even though the weather was unpredictable, property owners have a responsibility to keep their properties safe.

The start of the new year may have been tough if you’re still dealing with an injury sustained from slipping or falling on icy roads or slippery floors. Contact Routley & Company for a free consultation today.

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