Injured this Winter?

Injured this Winter?
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We’re well into February yet the snow still keeps coming. There hasn’t been this much snow, sleet, and ice in years so it’s understandable that people are caught unprepared. Whether it’s shoveling driveways and sidewalks or clearing and marking slippery floors, property owners are responsible for the safety of the public. If you’ve suffered a personal injury this winter or know someone who has, you need a compassionate and knowledgeable Fraser Valley personal injury lawyer.

Don’t assume that you’re entitled to monetary compensation for your injury. A professional opinion must take into account the conditions and determine whether it was hazardous and harmful to you due to the negligence of the building or property owner. You need a qualified lawyer to explain your rights and what you may or may not be entitle to. An injury sustained from a slip or fall does not automatically entitle you to compensation. The burden is on you to show that the property manager or owner failed to effectively ensure a safe property. For example, were the sidewalks shoveled in timely manner or was the entrance of the building clearly marked as a slipping hazard as water and ice were dragged into the property? There are many questions that ultimately need to be asked and that comes with the experienced team of Routley & Company, Fraser Valley’s personal injury lawyer choice.

For more information on personal injury law or to schedule an appointment, contact us today. Know your rights and what you’re entitled to. We care for you and your family.

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