Bicycle Accidents

Cycling isn’t just a great pastime and something fun to do on the weekends, it’s a fantastic way to integrate a workout into your daily routine. For those with concerns about the environment, cycling is an excellent method to decrease your carbon footprint by biking to work everyday instead of driving. With the increasing costs of taking the bus or maintaining a car, more people are taking to the bike lanes and making cycling their main mode of transportation. Riding a bike minimizes automobile traffic and keeps the environment clean. Your health and your wallet will certainly thank you for taking part!

While it is a terrific low-impact activity, at Routley & Company, we realize that cycling is not without its risks. You may discover that the roads in your neighbourhood are not especially friendly to bicyclists. This can include drivers and motorists who are inconsiderate towards cyclists, or lack of dedicated paths, tracks, and bike lanes.

The sad truth is, thousands of individuals are injured every year in bicycle accidents in the Fraser Valley. Accidents often occur and there is no possible way you can prepare for the trauma that they may cause. Just like you can’t predict that a driver may drift into the bike lane or that you’ll slip after hitting some road debris.

Most commonly, bicycle accidents are the outcome of a collision with other cars on the road, whether due to a driver cutting into designated bicycle lanes, opening car doors without looking, impaired or aggressive driving, or carelessness. Sadly, lots of motorists do not use the care they need to—and their speeding and negligence can cause major trauma when colliding with a cyclist or pedestrian.

If a bicyclist gets hit by a heavier car, the injuries can be devastating. Head injuries, fractures, and soft tissue injuries are the most common kinds of injuries connected to these kinds of mishaps. If the cyclist has taken every precaution and still gets injured by a reckless automobile operator, there are laws in place to help victims, including payment from the motorist who was responsible for the collision. The compensation is normally offered by the motorist’s insurance company.

Occasionally the victim suffers serious injuries and might never completely recover. As a victim, it’s imperative to make sure that you are compensated for all of your losses, including lost earnings, healthcare costs, discomfort, suffering, and anything else.

In case a bike accident happens, you need to be prepared. Our team at Fraser Valley law firm, Routley & Company is here to help. We know that here are time limits for how long you need to notify the responsible party to file for compensation. Hiring a personal injury attorney is the right move to guarantee that you’ll receive all that you are entitled to for your injuries.

The legal representatives from Routley & Company will be able to examine the value of your claim and identify who is at fault. If your case can not be settled, we can certainly help you take it to court. Contact us today for further information about bicycle accidents and how we can help you.

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