Brain Injuries

Brain injuries, specifically traumatic brain injuries, are among the most significant kinds of injuries our Abbotsford law team, Routley & Company, manages. While these can occur in any accident involving head injury, slips, falls, and motor vehicle accidents are the most typical causes.

Unlike injuries to bones and tissue that tend to repair over time, brain injuries can last a lifetime and result in major modifications to an individual’s personality and lifestyle. Because this kind of injury might take weeks or months to manifest, lots of people who suffer a brain injury in an accident are not even aware that anything is wrong until much later. Because of the intricate workings of the brain, medical diagnoses can often be imprecise or incorrect, which proves that brain injuries are commonly some of the most difficult types of injuries to deal with.

We’ll research your unique situation and discuss how we can help you from a legal viewpoint, as well as from a specialized-treatment viewpoint.  At Routley & Company, we believe that severe injuries require amazing efforts to get the very best results. We treat our clients like friends and family, offering emotional support during the legal process because we understand how trying it can be. If you require additional support to help you cope with the emotional, physical, and monetary difficulties caused by a terrible brain or spine injury, we’re here to help.

It is essential to have the representation of brain injury specialists like us to truly understand the inner workings of the legal system. We are concentrated on getting leading results for brain injury victims. Our top priority is to provide you the reasonable payment that you deserve.

The recovery period from a brain injury can vary depending upon the intensity of the effect and the individual involved. There are some scenarios where recovery from a brain injury can happen without remediation, but often a recovery program is required that is medically-based or community-based. In some situations, the failure to treat a brain injury can worsen the condition.

We have close working relationships with some of the province’s best medical professionals focusing on brain injuries, to ensure our customers get the best possible recovery and support. By speaking with care providers, specialists, neurologists, neurosurgeons, and others, we can pursue all of our customers’ medical and recovery requirements.

This level of dedication and respect is a direct outcome of our expertise and the Routley & Company reputation that has been made over the years. We always stand by our clients, battling out their cases for the best possible results.

A brain injury lawyer at our law firm in Abbotsford will ensure you receive access to the appropriate treatment required and proper monetary compensation. Please contact us today for your brain injury needs.

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