Slip & Fall Injuries

Even the most mindful person can suffer a slip and fall, with cases ranging from injuries on a public sidewalk to death, due to hazardous conditions. Every year, countless individuals in the Fraser Valley suffer slip and fall accidents.

Other injuries endured from slipping and falling include bruises, cuts, loss of blood, damaged bones, musculoskeletal injuries, back injuries, and concussions. These injuries are commonly due to slipping or falling on the ice and snow, slippery or sticky floors, uneven surface areas, unmarked step-downs, floor or staircases, and areas with inadequate lighting. At Routley & Company, we manage hundreds of property liability and worker’s liability claims, including carelessness.

In order to get compensated for your slip and fall injuries, there needs to be proof that the conditions where you fell were harmful, and that a homeowner or property manager was negligent. And where you were injured can make a big difference since liability laws and upkeep requirements impact public and personal property differently. Our Fraser Valley lawyers can work with experts to identify who or what is accountable for your injuries and fight for your rights.

Typically, conditions can be said to be hazardous whenever a professional opinion would consider them to be harmful. In other words, if it is a matter of sound judgment that the condition is harmful, where somebody slips and falls because of certain conditions, the law will certainly hold the owner of the building responsible for any injuries.

It is necessary to keep in mind that an injury as a result of a slip and fall does not immediately entitle you to compensation. You must have the ability to show that the owner/manager of the facilities failed to act reasonably to guarantee that the location of the fall was effectively maintained.

Our legal group, Routley & Company, will investigate your claim and assess the degree of fault of the occupier of the location where you fell. This is a vital step in making certain that we can take full advantage of the compensation to which you are entitled.

It is also very beneficial to look for legal representation immediately after your slip and fall since physical proof to support your claim might disappear quickly. You may even have to supply notice of the accident to the at-fault party within a very certain allotment of time. We suggest that you take photos of the unsafe premise and scenario that led to your fall.

At Routley & Company, our Abbotsford lawyers are here to help you and support you through your difficult time and offer legal and emotional support, unique to your situation. Please contact us today for further information on your slip and fall injury.

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