Slip & fall injury lawyer Fraser Valley

Slip & fall injury lawyer Fraser Valley

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It’s late into October and Fall is here. The long dark days and endless rain are a lot to deal with but they’re exponentially worse if a business or homeowner is negligent and does not take the proper precautions to keep people safe around their property. If you slip and fall and injure yourself on private or public property, you may be entitled to compensation if the owner of the property is found to be negligent. We never expect to suffer an accident so it’s important to be mindful of the inclement weather. Even if you’re indoors, the floor may be wet without proper warning signage. If you’ve experienced an injury and have suffered physical, emotional, or financial stress, Routley & Company is Fraser Valley’s slip & fall injury lawyers.

Many circumstances that involve injuries include icy or snowy sidewalks, slippery or sticky floors, sunken or raised floors, staircases, uneven surfaces, and poor lighting. Subsequently, there are many common injuries that can occur from a slip or a fall including concussions, bruises, back injuries, blood loss, musculoskeletal injuries, and broken or fractured bones. Sadly, some circumstances may lead to severe injury or death. Whether you’re a victim or the family of one, it’s important to find a slip & fall injury lawyer in the Fraser Valley who will fight for you and thoroughly explain your rights. Routley & Company has worked both property liability and worker’s liability claims.

It’s important to know that the property manager or homeowner of the property where you were injured was negligent and that the conditions were harmful. The location of your fall is very important because personal and private property are impacted differently when it comes to liability laws and upkeep requirements. Let our experienced team fight for your rights. Contact Routley & Company today to find out what you’re entitled to. We are the Fraser Valley’s slip & fall lawyers. Contact us for consultation on slip & fall injuries, spinal cord injuries, bicycle accidents, pedestrian accidents, brain injuries, motorcycle accidents, and car accidents.

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